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Review 'OH YEAH!' Blues Magazine

"Great record! Go and check them live."

Review 'OH YEAH!' Jazzism

"Four stars!"

Review 'OH YEAH!' Lust For Live

"Very authentic, Beyond blues!"

Review 'OH YEAH!' AltCountryForum

"Breathes new life into the blues, psychedelic blues."

Review 'OH YEAH!' Keys And Chords

"It was Muddy Waters who introduced us the electric Delta blues, It’s Rusty Apollo who will shake-up us now! (Freddy)"

Review 'OH YEAH!' Stijntsje Blogspot

"An Amercan friend of mine, a real blues connaisseur, couldn't believe they were not an American band."

Review 'OH YEAH!' barnowlblues.punt.nl

"Very surprising! Very good!"